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Our genuine leather hides and synthetic upholstery fabrics are regularly imported from Italy.  Thus, Philton Leather is able to provide an unrivalled selection and standard of leather products to both our clients and their consumers.

No customer is too big or small. We are able to supply large quantities of leather hides to wholesale or manufacturing companies, as well as smaller retail customers. Also, we manufacture and fit the purchased hides to the automotive or furniture frames to replace the original covering.

All products are covered by a warranty to illustrate the confidence the manufacturers have in the high-quality products in our portfolio.

Automotive Leather Hides

Customise your leather car seating with the soft, smooth, quality finish of our vast colour range of Full Grain (Nappa) hides.

We also offer a broad selection of Corrected Grain products at competitive prices.
All hides are flame-retardant and can be perforated for improved breathability.
Splits can be purchased for products that require enhanced flexibility with high abrasion resistance.

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Furniture Upholstery Leather Hides

Provide your clients with comfortable, enduring leather furniture that is also easy to maintain.

The soft, pliable finish of our immense Furniture Upholstery Leather Hide range makes it easy to work with and is available in Pull-up and Two-tone options.

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We supply tanned Sheepskin hides that are light-weight, breathable and supple, and thus ideal for both hot and cold weather conditions.

Other notable characteristics of Sheepskin are its soft, smooth finish and self-cleaning or anti-bacterial quality when dried in open air.
Sheepskin leather is also flame-retardant for improved safety.

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Our Synthetics range consists of superior quality Alcantara and microfiber options.

Alcantara is an exquisite, sustainable alternative to suede that provides a strong grip and is scratch and fire resistant.
Alternatively, microfiber offers a virtually unmatched tear strength that is convenient for cutting and sewing.

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